Christmas In a Frying Pan

Every Christmas Eve the Cornish Sea Piskies gather together in a very special place for the most magical party of the year!

Gather the gang, it's time for the Christmas party.

The Cornish Sea Piskies have a tradition.  Every Christmas they all meet in a very special, very secret place and they all bring something wonderful to make the party magical.  Not presents! They bring ingredients for an incredible Christmas tree.  What would you bring?

Discover the amazing adventures of the Cornish Sea Piskies

A Plan to Hatch
Join Megan the singing sea piskie of Polpeor Cove as she hatches a plan to protect three rare chough eggs from some meanies.
Christmas In a Frying Pan
Join the Cornish Sea Piskies as they gather together for the best party of the a frying pan.
The Dragon Bellows
Never leave your rubbish behind when you go to the beach (or anywhere), you never know what could happen!

Praise for the Piskies

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